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Top Gift Ideas for Men of All Types, 2014


Normann Copenhagen Whisky Glass $59

Get this handsome set of custom whiskey glasses for the gentleman in your life.  This refined glassware is specially designed to release the ever-so pleasing aroma of premium whiskies by convecting heat from your hand into the beverage.


IN1case for iPhone $44

The IN1case is an everyman’s high quality, polycarbonate iPhone 5/5S case that contains a plethora of utility devices meant to bail you out of almost any pinch.  Note the IN1case is TSA complaint.  Now, be inspired!

  • Red and blue ballpoint pens
  • 2 Precision (read small) screwdrivers
  • Nail file
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors
  • Toothpick
  • Kick stand for viewing your iphone on its side

Magic Cube Virtual Laser Keyboard $89

The virtual keyboard is projected onto a flat, opaque surface where the user can type on it like a regular keyboard.  Only this one doesn’t hoard food crumbs or dust crusties and is far more portable.  Users report a “break-in period” after which satisfaction is high.  A recent price drop may mean this is the right time to purchase one for your tech geek guy!


DJI Phantom Quadrotor $479

Quadrotors are the essentially the remote control drones of the future and for good or bad they are here to stay.  For the RC enthusiast a new quaddrotor is a mecca of eternal bliss and this one is near the top of the line for recreational use.  DJI’s Phantom comes ready to mount a GoPro camera.  With excellent control range and a terrific reputation for maneuverability, DJI’s quadrotor easily crosses into professional use territory.


Bacon and Eggs Scarf $29

This one of a kind scarf should interest any gourmand.   Or pretty much any guy who like breakfast.   Wearable food items, now there’s some real gift-giving inspiration!


LifeStraw Family 1.0 $89

The Emergency Preparedness craze, similar to the ongoing zombie fascination, appears to still have legs left making gifting these two genres 100% acceptable!  LifeStraw introduced a personal straw filter a while back that took the market by storm.  Now comes the 4700 gallon capacity LifeStraw Family 1.0.  What does 1.0 mean?  It filters water to EPA Purification standards and even removing viruses to make almost any water safe to drink.


Sitka Traverse Zip-T $129

Sitka has revolutionized outdoor clothing with their famous, lightweight, weatherproof Optifade camouflage line and with the recent introduction of solid colors and their new Waterfowl pattern (seen above) there’s just one more piece of gear for the hunter in your life to covet.  Having tried Traverse Zip-T shirt on myself I can tell you there is nothing as comfortable on the market, it is amazing and makes my personal wish-list!


Monthly Socks Delivered $9

Say “no” to that jelly of the month subscription you’ve been pondering. Sock Fancy at Sockfancy.com offers 1-2 pairs of stylish socks delivered to any  dude’s door monthly.  An excellent gift for any young, fashion oriented guy.  Don’t like the socks you receive?  Sockfancy.com will replace them with a different style!


Star Wars Jedi Bathrobe $89

Become a Jedi or Sith master with these officially licensed Star Wars bathrobes.  Clever!


Tagg GPS Pet Tracker $99

Dogs are man’s best friend!  If your dog has wanderlust they may need this GPS tracker which alerts the owner when the dog strays a set distance from your house and can help your bestest pal if they go astray.


One Wipe Charlie $4

The extremely clever folks at DollarShaveClub.com are visionaries.  Their first YouTube video featuring their monthly razor-in-the- mail service went viral making them an instant success.  Now meet One Wipe Charlie.  Clever video and more than a novelty gift for guys?


Vorn Hunting Backpack $389

This Norwegian company is making an exciting new hunting backpack currently available only in limited supply in the US.  The Vorn Deer pack has a patented  quick-release rifle carrier built in.   The hunter in your life will appreciate its groundbreaking design!


Roundtrip Ticket to Moon $1,500,000,000

“Private sector human expeditions to the Moon are now feasible and profitable without government funding,” says Golden Spike, a company offering private lunar expeditions for a tiny $1.5 billion sum.  If you drank one less latte every day you could pay for this moon-cation in about 87,000 years so its not as expensive as it sounds.


Sony Xperia Tablet Z $499

This soon to arrive, super-thin tablet can replace all your remotes, take photos and uses near-field communication to offer “One-Touch” communication with other devices allowing media sharing.  Its 10″ display and meager  1 lb  weight is super impressive but take note, the Z is WATERPROOF in 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes.  This baby zips along on Android Jellybean software.


Combat Flip Flops $65

These veterans are on a personal journey to make sustainable jobs and manufacturing a reality in Afghanistan.   “Bad for running and worse for fighting”, these sandals are stylishly designed and a surefire hit with any guy.  Summer is right around the corner!


Star Wars Taun Taun Sleeping Bag $149

The Tauntaun sleeping bag, complete with lightsaber zipper, will give any little man good dreams.  Another inspirational Star Wars gift!

titanium bot

Vargo Titanium “Bot” $99

The Vargo titanium bottle/pot has a sealable lid and is the perfect size to be used as either a standard water bottle or boil pot.  Its extreme light weight ( a mere 6oz) and 900ml capacity won’t leave any outdoorsmen wanting. It’s made of durable, rustproof titanium so it lacks the undesirable anti-rust coating of many steel canteens which prevents their use in cooking.


Mini Rod $259

The Mini Rod is perfect for any last minute hike or compact fishing conditions.  Make a 10″ brook feel like a monster cutthroat with this scaled down but highly functional fly fishing rod.  It has been known to catch the big fish too so be prepared!


Basketball iPhone Cover $25

March Madness is the perfect excuse to put a smile on any sports fan’s face with this iPhone basketball cover.  Don’t overlook iPhone accessories for dudes, we need our cell phones in tip top shape!

fuel band

Nike Fuelband $149

Nike has released a sweet wrist band that tells time and tracks your steps or other movements through accelerometer technology.  Using complex calculations the band is then able to determine how many calories you’ve burned in real-time.  It interacts with a smartphone app for programming and social functions!

golf gift ball finder

BallFinder Scout $125

The Ballfinder Scout is a handheld device that  locates difficult to find golf balls utilizing a proprietary digital imaging system. The BallFinder Scout works with any standard white golf ball as far a 35 feet away when as little as 3 dimples are visible. It would not take me many rounds to pay this thing off…

fishgrill gift

Ultimate Fish Grill Basket $25

There’s nothing like grilling wild, fresh-caught trout over a campfire or barbeque pit.  This basket packs easy for backpacking and readily fits in a kitchen drawer for home use.  Any fisherman or camper will love it!


Secret Binocular Flask $25

Yes, I can sneak my own booze into the stadium with these special spectacles.  Does this make me an alcoholic?  I dunno… something to think about while I watch the game and power up my coke.

stone gift

Stone Drink Dispenser $125

This Stone Drink Dispenser is a great way to “man up” the mood in any mancave or your next cookout.  Guys like rocks, it’s in our genes.  Add booze and this is a slam dunk.

Handmade pen

Handmade, Custom Root Burl Pen $225

Produced in sparse quantities by Mckenny Pens, this gorgeous artisan pen is something to behold.  It features a Mescal Bean Root Burl wood with 22k gold resin accents.

In our search for the breathtaking, this is near the top of the list.  At $225 it will take a special man to fully appreciate its dignified beauty.  But can you put a price on inspiration?  For that man, the pen is truly mightier than the sword!

roadster 2

1. Motorola Roadster 2 $79

The Roadster 2 connects via Bluetooth to your iPhone 5 / 5s for hands free driving, talking and listening experience.  It’s audio output beam directly to your car’s FM receiver so you can listen to your iPhone library through your car’s sound system.  The unit is also pinpointed by Motorola’s car finder app!


Vintage Football and Comic Posters $19.95

Asgard Press caries a nice selection of vintage football posters and calendars that are sure to strike a cord with any sports fan or alumni.  They have a nice collection of old comic book posters that are perfect for the right guy as well!  These look great either thrown up on your teenager / college student’s wall or even better framed for the study.   “Old School is Now in Session.”  True.


Edible Zombie Skin $5

Eat their flesh for a change!”  The meat industry irradiates beef to prevent the spread of infection.  Can the same be said for zombie parts?  Runner up is Zombie Jerky.  Zombie gifts are big business right now, a trend that’s sure to continue through 2012.

Jetovator $9000

You watch now.

Nexus 7

Nexus 7 (8GB) $199

Google’s new Nexus 7 tablet operates under the new 4.1 Jelly Bean OS.  It sports a soft shell backing for comfortable grip, dimensions notably smaller than the iPad and WiFi connectivity.  Just as the iPad and Kindle funnel the user’s attention and money into their parent company’s proprietary content this device is decidedly connected to the Google Play store.  Yes there is a camera, speakers, mini-USB connection, and a large selection of apps.  Challenge the iPad? Meh.  Kindle killer?  Possibly.


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