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Top Gift Ideas for Men of All Types, 2015

Basketball iPhone Cover $25

March Madness is the perfect excuse to put a smile on any sports fan’s face with this iPhone basketball cover.  Don’t overlook iPhone accessories for dudes, we need our cell phones in tip top shape!

Nike Fuelband $149

Nike has released a sweet wrist band that tells time and tracks your steps or other movements through accelerometer technology.  Using complex calculations the band is then able to determine how many calories you’ve burned in real-time.  It interacts with a smartphone app for programming and social functions!

BallFinder Scout $125

The Ballfinder Scout is a handheld device that  locates difficult to find golf balls utilizing a proprietary digital imaging system. The BallFinder Scout works with any standard white golf ball as far a 35 feet away when as little as 3 dimples are visible. It would not take me many rounds to pay this thing off…

Ultimate Fish Grill Basket $25

There’s nothing like grilling wild, fresh-caught trout over a campfire or barbeque pit.  This basket packs easy for backpacking and readily fits in a kitchen drawer for home use.  Any fisherman or camper will love it!

Secret Binocular Flask $25

Yes, I can sneak my own booze into the stadium with these special spectacles.  Does this make me an alcoholic?  I dunno… something to think about while I watch the game and power up my coke.

Stone Drink Dispenser $125

This Stone Drink Dispenser is a great way to “man up” the mood in any mancave or your next cookout.  Guys like rocks, it’s in our genes.  Add booze and this is a slam dunk.

Handmade, Custom Root Burl Pen $225

Produced in sparse quantities by Mckenny Pens, this gorgeous artisan pen is something to behold.  It features a Mescal Bean Root Burl wood with 22k gold resin accents.

In our search for the breathtaking, this is near the top of the list.  At $225 it will take a special man to fully appreciate its dignified beauty.  But can you put a price on inspiration?  For that man, the pen is truly mightier than the sword!

1. Red Baron Thrill Ride for 2! $340

Long after more material gifts have broken or fallen out of favor, experiences like this one  impact our lives and leave us with cherished memories.    When we saw this 2 person Red Baron Thrill Ride we new it was going straight to number 1 on our list.   Do not wait, the flyer in your life will freak out!

Vintage Football and Comic Posters $19.95

Asgard Press caries a nice selection of vintage football posters and calendars that are sure to strike a cord with any sports fan or alumni.  They have a nice collection of old comic book posters that are perfect for the right guy as well!  These look great either thrown up on your teenager / college student’s wall or even better framed for the study.   “Old School is Now in Session.”  True.

Edible Zombie Skin $5

Eat their flesh for a change!”  The meat industry irradiates beef to prevent the spread of infection.  Can the same be said for zombie parts?  Runner up is Zombie Jerky.  Zombie gifts are big business right now, a trend that’s sure to continue through 2012.

Jetovator $9000

You watch now.

Nexus 7 (8GB) $199

Google’s new Nexus 7 tablet operates under the new 4.1 Jelly Bean OS.  It sports a soft shell backing for comfortable grip, dimensions notably smaller than the iPad and WiFi connectivity.  Just as the iPad and Kindle funnel the user’s attention and money into their parent company’s proprietary content this device is decidedly connected to the Google Play store.  Yes there is a camera, speakers, mini-USB connection, and a large selection of apps.  Challenge the iPad? Meh.  Kindle killer?  Possibly.

Custom Ice Cream Flavor $60

True.  True.  Triple True.  eCreamery lets you customize a half gallon of ice cream, gelato or sorbet for that special twist.  Select from over 80 options, utilizing 2 base flavors, 2 mix in flavors and a custom label to create the perfect 4 pints.  Dude’s like ice cream.  All dudes.  Even if they say they don’t.

Sawyer Squeeze Filter $54

The Sawyer Squeeze Filter won Backpacker Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award in 2012.  It includes 16oz, 32oz and super-sized 64oz squeeze bottles all of which can be attached to Sawyer’s “1 Milion Gallon” filter nozzle for instant drinking.  The filter nozzle can fit onto the threads of many water bottles and 2 liter bottles as well. Sawyer claims the filter removes bacteria and parasites to EPA standards.  Great for any hiker or sportsmen.

Panasonic HDC-HS900K $750

The 2012 model of Panasonic’s 900 series doesn’t offer much over previous models but that’s nothing to be ashamed of since 2010 and 2011 models consistently rate at the top of the game in image quality and features  elevating the Panasonic HDC-HS900K from typical consumer use up into “Prosumer” territory.  Record in movie-like 24p or ratchet up to a jaw-dropping 60p in high definition.  Unlike its predecessor, it appears Panasonic has fixed the annoying fan noise that bled over into the internal mic in low ambient sound environments for this year’s release.  Recent price drops have brought this drool-inducing video recorder even closer to obtainability.  Nice!  Did I mention with a special 3-D lense you can record in 3-D?

Extech i5 Compact IR Camera $1550

The Extech i5 Handheld IR Camera has one use and we all know it.  “Includes QuickReport PC Software, 512MB miniSD Card, Li-Ion rechargeable battery with 100-260V AC adaptor/charger with…”  blah, blah, blah, WHO CARES!  Now, lets go hunt some ghosts. Sheesh.

World’s Largest Gummy Worm $28

Available at Vat19.com the world’s largest gummy is 26 inches long, weighs 3 lbs and boasts  a 4,000 calorie carbohydrate jackpot.  Available in 7 different flavors.  “Handmade in the USA” – I guess that’s something to be proud of?

C. F. Burkheimer Fly Rod $695

Burkheimer rods are known for their superior handmade craftsmanship.  The company has a nearly cult following.  Their fly rods are fully customizable and can be made as 2, 3 or 4 piece poles depending on your needs.  Looking for a saltwater rod with a titanium reel seat and guides?  Search no further.  For the man who eats, drinks and dreams fly-fishing these beautiful works of art are worth every penny.

Custom Engraved Beer Stein $8.95

Yeah, lots of places will slap a logo or custom print on just about anything, including beer glasses.  But I’ve never found anyone who can engrave an endless menagerie of authentic German glassware.  UNTIL NOW.  Correct, you can get custom engravings by the glass or complex custom designs printed in large quantities.  You can even have the legendary “boot” beer glass marked as your very own.  For anyone who hasn’t seen the epic  mini-series/movie Das Boot, it is a remarkable German WWII submarine film and I suggest you take a swig from your own boot every time you hear the word “Nein!” – which is almost exactly the cost of your custom engraving.  Woah.

Geigerrig Rig 700 $130

Geigerrig is a relatively new manufacturer but it doesn’t mean they aren’t a fierce contender.  Their innovative, pressurized hydration systems have been on a nonstop awards blowout tour for two years now.  They even have inline filtration devices available for many models.  Soon to arrive for public consumption are their tactical backpack lines which should make a big splash with hunters, paint ballers and airsoft players.

Diablo III $59.99

My gaming days are long gone but this blast from the past is likely to occupy some of my time.  It makes my personal wish list.  The latest and long anticipated incarnation of Blizzard’s Diablo series is due out May 15th, almost 15 years after the original debuted.  And pre-orders have begun!  Diablo III has gamers drooling and for your guy-geek this gift is sure to please.

The New Apple TV $99

It’s new and improved and there’s even a free iPhone or iPad app so you can use those devices as a controller – sweet, now I can  surf YouTube fail videos on my phone and TV at the same time. 1080P HD quality movies and TV shows from iTunes as well as content from Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo, all your iCloud content, Airplay content and Wi-Fi connectivity.  This is a no brainer.

Ironclad Gripworx Gloves $25

Ironclad is a trusted brand in work apparel. They makes several lines of super-tough gloves for hunting, mechanics, law enforcement, carpentry and general utility.  Of particular interest may be their Gripworx gloves (pictured above) which feature their patented “Diamondclad” Silicone Fused grip area with a reinforced palm ridge, a terrycloth sweat-wipe on the back of the thumb and breathable liner.  These things look so sweet they make me want to go out to the garage and start lifting things right now.

Liquipel $59

Liquipel is a nano-hydrophobic coating that covers the inside and outside of your electronic device essentially making it impervious to water. Mostly.  The makers of Liquipel do not recommend exposing your device to water intentionally or submerging it for long periods of time but as you can imagine rather impressive “torture tests” are already appearing on youtube suggesting that them little hydrophobes stand up to more than just a splash! Check it out at their website, you’ll be impressed.  The list of supported devices continues to grow.

Send your device to the Liquipel folks and it arrives a week later completely nano’d and ready for water exposure.  Surf’s up at Liquipel, broseph.

Beer Pager $19.95

Just in time for the big game, it’s the Beer Pager.  Too drunk to remember where your beer is?  Well, as long as you didn’t drop your Beer Pager remote in the toilet or use it to crack nuts you can press a button on it to hear your beer with it’s very own “ringtone” sound off, guiding safely back to your best friend.  There you are, old friend.  There you are.

KUIU Icon 6000 Backpack $249

The originators of ultralight Sitka hunting and outdoors gear have been back to the drawing board.  18 months of hard work have culminated in the launch of the widely embraced KUIU Ultralight Hunting brand.

The Icon 6000 backpack is certainly a trailblazer.  At a mere 3 lbs it can hold an amazing 6004 cubic inches and is made of ripstop cordura nylon.  The pack comes with a removable 2000 cubic inch Meat Cell for packing out the hunt.  A separate carbon fiber frame can be purchased to increase weight carrying capacity – its design enhances mobility and support.  Drooling.

Leatherman MUT $120

The Leatherman MUT is gorgeous to look at.  If it weren’t made by the finest tool manufacturer I know of for the express purpose of kicking butt it would belong in a museum.

The MUT multitool is designed for the man’s man. It features threading points for firearms cleaning brushes/tools, scrapers as well as molle and scope adjustment tools.  That’s in addition to needle nose pliers, a clip point combo edge knife, regular pliers, hammer, carabiner clip, bottle opener, crimper, bit driver, saw, the list goes on and on.


Darth Vader Lightsaber Laser Pointer $10

The product description says “this is not a toy,” curiously enough.  Which could only mean one thing – it is an actual lightsaber and for only $9.99 it’s got to be the lowest cost in the galaxy!

Sorry everyone but I’m a goob for Star Wars.  This one’s going on my personal wish list.

Apple TV $99

Proving once again that Apple knows more about your entertainment needs than you do.  At $99 the 2nd generation of this amazing gizmo has about 700 positive reviews on Amazon.

Apple streams content directly from your computer and allows you to rent or purchase movies in real-time for viewing as well as TV shows.  Oh yeah, no commercials.

Youtube and Netflix are also fair game as well as all the content stored on your computer or iCloud, including music.  Your TV can also be used as a slideshow or picture display.

Lest you not be impressed, Apple TV’s Airplay feature allows you to stream all the content above to your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.  Sheesh, how much more awesome do you need?

FitBit Wireless Personal Trainer. $96

Amazon sells these fancy accelerometers for $96.  The device tracks your movements and can calculate calories you burn.  The company claims it can also be used to track your movements in sleep to indicate how well you’re sleeping.  The data can be uploaded to your computer so you can see graphical displays of your sleep paterns, calorie burning activities and so on.